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Welcome to NAS Kuwait
Handler- The Official Newsletter of NAS

National Aviation Services (NAS) is a private airline ground handling company headquartered in Kuwait. In addition to its core services, NAS has a host of value-added services such as the Hala Kuwait Meet & Assist, the Pearl Lounge at the Kuwait International Airport, the NAS Travel Agency and the NAS Training Center.  NAS prides itself with providing world-class aviation solutions and has acquired affiliations with leading industry organizations such as the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC), GASA (Gulf Services Agencies) and  IAHA (International Aviation Handler’s Association). NAS is approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and adheres to internationally recognized guidelines, and follows the practices of ISO, EMS, OHSAS and ISAGO.

The Handler is a newsletter printed quarterly and primarily covers NAS oriented-write-ups; inclusive of information pertaining to our clients and staff, aviation industry trends, latest developments in technology and market related updates
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About Kuwait


The State of Kuwait is a sovereign Arab emirate on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The name is a diminutive of an Arabic word meaning "fortress built near water." Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. Kuwait City Kuwait serves as the country's political and economic capital. High rise buildings dot the skyline in the country’s capital, while mosques and traditional buildings are scattered in all areas of the city.
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